We need someone like this
Someone who is willing to take responsibility, dares to charge ahead.
Someone who is able to communicate and cooperate effectively.
People who can produce excellent performance
Quality, innovation, service and cooperation

As the cultural concept of Hanyi, the above keywords have been thoroughly integrated into our work and life.

Personnel, organization and cultural management strategies do not exist independently. They must first serve the company's development strategy;

Common progress and continuous learning are the requirements for all members of Hanyi, and they are also the core of everyone's career and personal development. The training system combining professional knowledge and comprehensive quality, from internal training to external training, the combination of various training forms, paves a smooth road for the development of employees;

With customer demand as the core, through continuous organizational change and management improvement, we provide products and services that satisfy customers, protect customer investment, and continuously create maximum value for customers.

Mission and core values

To provide customers with high-quality products and services and influence their behavior. In this process, we strive to become an outstanding enterprise and create opportunities. We maintain a positive and healthy dissatisfaction with the status quo. We are called by a sense of mission and dedication to our work.

We pursue a state of mind that enables long-term sustainable success. We display the courage to scale new heights. We rely on both people and systems to approach excellence.

Corporate mission: Customer challenges are the innovative tasks for us.

Our employees

SUZHOU HIYIE CHEMICAL Co.,LTD.  is a supplier of electronic cleaning agents, surface treatment additives, electroplating chemicals, and electronic chemicals, providing research and development, sales, and service all in one. Adhering to the cultural philosophy of "Quality, Innovation, Service, and Cooperation" and guided by the mission of " Customer challenges are the innovative tasks for us ", we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products and professional services.

HIYIE values employee career development and provides ample opportunities for career growth.

Join Us
Practicality, responsibility, independent innovation,
and entrepreneurial collaboration

Electroplating Technology Engineer
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  • 1.Responsible for the support work of electroplating after -sales, proficient in processing technology, accurately assisting customers to handle electroplating failure

    2.Extra -plating technology is preferred for more than 3 years

    3.Good at electroplating a certain plating and good at analyzing films, etc.



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Regional Sales Engineer
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  • 1. Responsible for regional expansion and customer development of electroplating additives;

    2. Collect, master and analyze information in the front line of the market, understand customer demand changes, put forward feasible plans, and seek orders;

    3. Chemical engineering, material chemical engineering, polymer related majors are preferred.


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